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The Antarctic Compendium by
Steve Bennett

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Latest News

15 October 2022
Czech Republic

The Antarctic Compendium has just been awarded the medal for excellence in publishing at the 5th International Polar Salon 

An Amazing World Of Facts And Stories At Your Fingertips!

Antarctic History From Discovery to the Present Day

A new reference presenting the history of human activities on the Antarctic continent and the Sub-Antarctic Islands. Written For both the general public and the specialist philatelic collector.


A Comprehensive 1,000+ pages that includes information on:


  • 200+ Antarctic stations

  • 50+ National Antarctic Programmes

  • 2000+ Stamps by theme from 50 countries

  • 1,000+ Illustrations, photos and maps

  • 1,000+ Expeditions, expeditionaries & their ships

  • Hundreds of science experiments

  • Extensively cross-referenced entries

  • Guides to further reading and online resources

        and many other fascinating insights!

A Peek Inside The Compendium

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My Story

I am a data scientist and former corporate executive at a number of international corporations. Australian and Dutch, I've lived in 11 countries on 4 of the world’s continents, and visited all 7. If I'm being honest, all of that was to pay for and acquire my collection of Antarctic history. Spanning postal history, books and art, I reached a point where the need for a comprehensive and broad reference of human activity in and around the Antarctic became compelling. Despite the availability of earlier excellent references, their focus was not the broad church needed for a 21st century understanding of Antarctica and its impact on science and society.

And so I began work on collating and cross referencing thousands of subjects relevant to an Antarctican with a global perspective and a weakness for science and philately. Being a data scientist, technology was key to this task. So databases were created, archives combed for source material from around the world, and documents scanned and OCRed into machine readable structures. Some 10 years on, this compendium is the result.

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